Samantha in the Hospital

The photo-chronicle of Samantha’s tough first five weeks in the hospital.  She sure had some terrific support, from family, friends, doctors, nurses, and volunteers.  Thank you all!

For those who don’t yet know the story, Samantha had a Grade IV bleed in her brain shortly after birth.  This resulted in severe hydrocephalus.  While the long-term prognosis is uncertain, she is developing beautifully and is pretty much acting like a normal baby today.  We ask for your prayers and positive thoughts that she will continue to thrive and will be, in the end, “the most studied normal child in history”.  

Photos of Samantha at delivery

Photos of Samantha in the NICU at Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands, March 20 - March 28 - This series is not for the faint of heart…

Photos of Samantha in the NICU at Memorial Hermann Childrens in Houston, March 28 - April 14

Samantha has always been plagued by hiccups, even in utero.  See a video of Sam in action.

Photos of Samantha’s second stay in the NICU at Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands, April 14 - April 24 - This series has far more “animated” photos of Samantha as she became a bit more active and lost a few of the wires.